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Local Attractions

Peppermill Lodge is located in the heart of beautiful Ontonagon County, Michigan. There’s plenty of room to get wild with the bear, deer, bald eagles, wolves, foxes, and even the occasional moose and bobcat that live around the lakes and rivers in the midst of thousands of acres of wilderness.

You’ll love the area shops, in particular Red Metal Minerals and U.P. Candle Company, located in Ontonagon.

Read more about some very popular U.P. activities:

Bear Hunting

Deer Hunting

ATV Riding


Historical Sightseeing

Summer Activities

Restored Old Victoria Cabins: 4-6 miles away, on way to Victoria Dam
Numerous waterfalls: Several within a 30-mile radius
Paulding Light: About 20-25 miles away
Lake Superior: 12 miles away
Victoria Dam: 4-8 miles away
Mine tours: 8-9 miles away
Historical museum in town
Historical sites

Upper Michigan ATV trails cover hundreds of miles, but four-wheeling is just one of many Upper Peninsula attractions you can enjoy. Deer hunting is always popular, but if you've ever wanted to try Michigan bear hunting, this is the place to be. Another thing we have in abundance is points of interest in regard to Upper Michigan history, including mining, logging, and maritime days of yesteryear.

When you're planning your Upper Peninsula vacation, remember we have some of the nicest, least expensive vacation rentals northern Michigan has to offer.

Winter Activities

Downhill and cross-country skiing at Porcupine Mountains (25 miles away)
Two casinos: Each one is about 30-35 miles away

Bear Hunting

Dark woods. Tangled undergrowth. Rolling hills and deep ravines. These are the characteristics of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and are the favored habitat of the American black bear, generally known just as the black bear. Often thought of as a savage, man-eating beast, the black bear is in fact nothing like that. Instead, the bear usually makes a conscious effort to avoid humans and simply live its own life in peace. Living on a diet that consists mostly of ants and plants, and in woods that most humans would deem impenetrable, the black bear is at home. It roams a territory consisting of dozens of square miles, and it is the master of its domain.

This is what makes bear hunting in the Upper Peninsula such a challenge and thrill. Generally avoiding humans for the most part, the black bear lives among towering pines, aspens, and oaks, and among the tangled underbrush that seems to impede the movement of every living thing but itself. Black bear hunting in Michigan means to hunt the bear on his terms, in his own environment.

Peppermill Lodging in Rockland, Michigan is located in the heart of some of the best bear country in the Midwest. Black bear habitat starts when you walk out the door, and excellent hunting grounds are within easy driving distance. The staff at Peppermill is very knowledgeable and will be happy to answer any questions that you might have about bear hunting in the Upper Peninsula. Lodging rates—the bane of any hunter’s existence and something that can cause any hunting trip to spiral out of affordability—are in fact very reasonable and can be accommodated by almost any budget.

There are many options for the bear hunter in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Bear hunting in the U.P. could mean anything from silently stalking through the forest, hoping to sneak up on your quarry, to sitting stock-still in one location, waiting for a bear to walk by. The most common and successful method, however, consists of making use of a blind to watch a bait pile that had been set up in advance, allowing bears to discover it and make it habit. Since such a bait pile requires constant attention for months leading up to bear season, the staff at Peppermill Lodging can usually put you in touch with a local resident who has maintained several bait piles for the express purpose of accommodating hunters like yourself.

The Upper Peninsula of Michigan is known for many things. It is known as a land of great beauty, of a land with hills and valleys, rivers and streams, lakes and ponds. It is known as a land of historical significance. And, of course, it is known as a land of plentiful wildlife. No discussion of Michigan bear hunts would be complete without mention of the Upper Peninsula, and no discussion of bear hunting in the Upper Peninsula would be complete without mention of Peppermill Lodging. With accommodations to fit any budget, with a central location at Rockland, Michigan—the heart of the U.P.’s bear country, and with friendly staff ready and able to help you make your bear hunt the hunt of a lifetime, it pays to remember Peppermill.

Deer Hunting

2013 Buck Pole

ATV Riding

If you ask any Yooper (a resident of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan) what their favorite things to do are, the list will inevitably include “four-wheeling,” which is a common nickname for what most people know as ATVing. This fun outdoor activity can be enjoyed alone or with friends, and although it can be a lot of fun to ride a four-wheeler in circles, most people prefer to make use of the ample number of four-wheeling trails in the Upper Peninsula. If you love ATVing, then these are trails you want to be on.

These trails, which double as snowmobile trails in the winter, crisscross the state and provide hundreds of miles of enjoyment. Connecting towns all over the peninsula, a person can go nearly anywhere they can go to in a car—and, in fact, a whole lot more places. If there’s a town you want to visit, a sight you want to see, or an attraction you want to include in your trip, you’ll be able to get there on the ATV trails. Michigan, and especially the Upper Peninsula, is known for its beautiful scenery, and ATVs are an excellent method of seeing everything the U.P. has to offer.

Places that are inaccessible by car and difficult to reach on foot can be reached effortlessly on a four-wheeler. If you want to truly experience Michigan, riding the trails is the way to go. From Lake Superior to the smallest creek, from forests to open fields, from gorgeous bluffs to beautiful beaches, the ATV trails of the Upper Peninsula never disappoint.

Peppermill Lodging in Rockland, Michigan is the perfect place to call home during your four-wheeling adventure in the Upper Peninsula. Centrally located, it has rental units within throwing distance of ATV trailheads. If you bring your own ATV, you can park it at your unit, making starting your day of riding as easy as walking out the door and hopping on. If you don’t have an ATV, the knowledgeable and friendly staff at Peppermill will be happy to suggest a place where you can rent one. With accommodations to suit any budget, Peppermill is the place to stay during your trail-riding trip.

ATV riding in Michigan, and especially in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, is a truly unique experience. You’ll ride along trails that cross rivers, traverse ridges, and penetrate great tracts of virgin forest. There is a great variety of scenery in the U.P.-one moment, you will be sitting on your ATV and admiring a view of forested hills and valleys, and the next you’ll be cresting a hill and be treated to a breathtaking vista of Lake Superior, the largest freshwater like in the world.

The ATV is a unique machine. Smaller than a car, bigger than a motorcycle, it will be your transportation to adventure. Regardless of where you want to go or what you want to experience in the Upper Peninsula, you’ll be able to get there on an ATV. Michigan, and especially the U.P., is heaven on earth for the ATVer—amateur, expert, or anywhere in between. With affordable accommodations with easy access to trailheads, Peppermill Lodging in Rockland, Michigan, is ready to be your base camp for adventure.


If there is one thing the Upper Peninsula is known for, it is fishing. This is only natural considering that it is surrounded on three sides by the Great Lakes—most prominent is Lake Superior, which forms the entire northern border of the Upper Peninsula and is the largest freshwater lake in the world. This massive body of water is so huge that when you stand on the shore, you don’t even come close to seeing the other side—it’s more like an ocean than a lake.

Whatever you want to call it, it is teeming with life. Most prominent among these are the fish, of which more than 60 different species have been catalogued. They range from small fish like the pumpkinseed and the rock bass to the muskellunge, which can grow to be as big as a human. In between are such celebrated Great Lakes fish as the carp, the Chinook salmon, the lake whitefish, the Northern pike, and the always popular lake trout.

Located in Rockland, Michigan, a mere 10 miles from the shore of Lake Superior, Peppermill Lodging is the perfect home base for your dream fishing trip. With units to fit any fisherman’s budget, staying at Peppermill is an excellent way to save money for more important things, like new lures.

Within easy driving distance are dozens of lakes, rivers, ponds, and other waterways teeming with fish—not to mention, of course, Lake Superior, which offers deep-water fishing that rivals that of most oceans. Your options are only limited to how much time you have off work. You can fish from docks, from the shoreline, and, of course, from a boat, which you can launch from any one of the countless boat ramps in the area.

The employees at Peppermill are local residents who know the area and are eager to help make your U.P. fishing trip a memorable one. They are friendly, knowledgeable, and will be able to point out the prime fishing areas and help you with any questions you might have so that your experience fishing Upper Michigan is an enjoyable one.

Most people wouldn’t equate the U.P. with an active nightlife—and they’d be right. And that’s not why most people come to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Fishing, however, will only take up so much of your time. When you’re not out on the water, you can enjoy any one of the area’s plentiful bars, restaurants, and eateries. Peppermill’s employees will be happy to recommend a place that you’ll be sure to love—and be sure to try a pasty while you’re up here!

The Upper Peninsula of Michigan is just that—a peninsula. It is surrounded on three sides by water, and if you didn’t know anything else about the U.P., that should be enough. However, there are also thousands of smaller lakes, ponds, rivers, creeks, streams, and other waterways throughout the peninsula, offering countless fishing opportunities. Whether you want to try some relaxing fishing with your feet hanging off the dock or you’d prefer to battle a 5-foot muskie in 50 feet of water, the Upper Peninsula never disappoints.

Historical Sightseeing

When people think of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, what comes to mind is usually vast lakes, deep forests, and beautiful scenery. Most visitors to the U.P. don’t think of it as a place with any historical significance—but they would be wrong. The fact of the matter is, the Upper Peninsula is a region that is rich in history and awash in historical points of interest.

The modern history of the Upper Peninsula began in the 17th century, when it was settled by French colonists. Control of the region then passed to the British in 1763 and finally to the United States in 1783. The area became part of Michigan after the (almost) entirely bloodless conflict known at the Toledo War, a dispute between the territory of Michigan and the state of Ohio over a small chunk of land called the Toledo strip, which included the city which was its namesake. Michigan was persuaded to back down in exchange for statehood and the addition of the U.P. to its territory. All parties concerned were convinced that Michigan got the short end of the stick—that is, until the discovery of copper.

The mining of copper was the backbone of the Upper Peninsula’s economy for decades, and it still provides jobs today. One of the first places that was mined for copper, and today is one of the most popular historical sites in Michigan, is Old Victoria, an abandoned mining village located a few miles from Rockland, Michigan. This well-maintained site consists of multiple period houses and buildings, some original and some restored. Old Victoria is just one of many historical tourist attractions in Michigan, but it is a good place to start.

Located just a few minutes’ drive from Old Victoria is Peppermill Lodging in Rockland. With accommodations to suit any trip’s budget, a central location, and a friendly and helpful staff, Peppermill is the perfect place to call home while you’re sightseeing in Michigan. Peppermill’s employees are local residents who know the area intimately and can show you the way to the well known sites and let you know about the more obscure ones. The knowledgeable and helpful nature of the staff at Peppermill will help you get the most out of your trip to the U.P.

With literally dozens of historical sites of interest within driving distance, Peppermill is the place to stay. Ontonagon’s museum is a 10-minute car ride away, and the museum in Rockland is even closer—it’s within easy walking distance. The countless copper mines that made the Upper Peninsula into what it is today are anywhere from 15 minutes to 3 hours away.

Wondering what else there is to do in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan? Vacation ideas don’t have to just include points of historical interest, you know. From the home base that is your Peppermill unit, you can thoroughly enjoy Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Attractions include hiking, swimming in Lake Superior, a stroll along the beach, or even just a car ride to enjoy the scenery. Whatever you decide to do, Peppermill’s employees will be happy to help you figure out the best way to spend your day—and, indeed, your entire visit to the Upper Peninsula.

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